Big Aspirations

The puzzle pieces


Aidan is constantly growing and maturing as a both artist and producer. His goal is to be able to produce music for top artists and to eventually be known and respected as a top artist one day.

Music Producer

Hip Hop, RnB, Trap +

Aidan has been making music in some form since he was a baby.

He’s molding himself into the complete artist by grabbing each piece of the puzzle that makes a good artist and producing music is one of those pieces.



Writing and Performing

“Progress is my greatest strength, my best friend.”


Aidan has been working at improving every aspect of his game since day 1. This is clearly shown through his consistent releasing of material that tops his previous work- even if the bar was high. That’s something Aidan sees as important and will always be working to improve, whether at the top of the rap game (where he plans to get) or where he his right now, on a steady come up, enjoying the ascending phase of a rocket launch into the beautiful, yet hideous, rap game.


Stick with me. 


“I’m 16 now, imma go pro, gimme 3 more imma go gold, so many waves how I’m so cold.”


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